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Last modified 7 years ago Last modified on 06/12/09 21:34:28

Source Code Repository

The source code to the Calendar Server is available via a Subversion repository. You can obtain the code using a WebDAV client, or use Subversion to check it out from the repository.

Browsing the Repository Online

You can browse the repository in two ways:

  1. Via Trac
  2. Directly via Subversion

The Trac browser is particularly convenient for online browsing because it offers a few features that connecting directly to the Subversion server does not. In particular, it has a nice interface that allows you to view more information, including commit logs, change sets, and revision history.

One advantage of browsing the Subversion repository directory is that the URLs in your web browser are the same URLs you can use with Subversion commands.

Checking out the sources with Subversion

First, you will need a Subversion client.

A list of pre-built executables of the Subversion command line client for various platforms is avaliable from Mac OS X users can get an installer from Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) includes the Subversion command line client in the Developer Tools package. See the Subversion documentation for details on using Subversion.

You can then use Subversion to obtain a working copy of the source code. The following command will check out the latest version of the Calendar Server:

svn checkout CalendarServer

Graphical clients which support Subversion are also available, including Apple's XCode IDE. Consult the documentation for your chosen client for information on how to check out source code.